Structural calculations are comprised of a series of calculations that are required for council submission as well as your building contractors. In the case of removing load-bearing walls, these calculations must be performed to determine which beam will take on the weight once the wall has been removed. The beams’ specifications are further utilized by contractors during the construction of buildings. However, to ensure the building/design you are expecting to establish (such as new foundation or conversion or load-bearing wall removal or chimney breast removal) will remain stable for the long term, our devoted structural engineers will survey and analyze the structural components, structural systems, and heave and subsidence.

If you want to carry out the structural calculations and are looking for experts, we are here ready to serve you. Because we have an excellent team to perform these types of activities, and we guarantee you to have your desired designs. Our team has good records and earns many plaudits from the clients every month. Our team members’ dedication and painstaking effort must earn your satisfaction.