Construction project management is a broad and demanding subject in an increasingly global business, with constant demands for improvements in safety, quality, and cost control, as well as the avoidance of contractual conflicts.

The owners of projects can benefit from construction management’s ability to control time, cost, and quality as well as scope and function. As a result, construction management may be used in conjunction with any approach for delivering projects. Construction Managers (CMs) have a responsibility to the owner and a successful project, regardless of the location. The construction managers represent their client’s best interests and supervise the
whole project on behalf of their client. Their responsibilities include working with all stakeholders to complete the project on schedule, under budget, and to the owner’s expectations for quality, scope, and function.

Due to their delicate combination of education and work experience, construction managers are uniquely qualified to work with the owner and other stakeholders to determine the best possible sequence of construction operations, develop a detailed schedule and budget, and establish plans for project safety and security, as well as help the owner manage risk. PMISs (project management information systems) and sophisticated planning approaches such as the critical path method must be used in conjunction with a thorough understanding of building procedures.

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