Building regulations are the bare minimum of requirements established by the UK government for a building’s design, modification, and/or construction. While drawing and constructing the property, our team focuses on rules such as water drainage and fire damage so that it never receives unfavorable feedback from the building inspector/control authority.

The building regulations are in place to ensure that the structure of the new building is structurally sound and safe. Most building and development projects will require detailed drawings and specifications which show that the plans comply with the UK building regulations. The building regulation drawings can also be provided to a builder so you can ensure that the construction work is progressing correctly.

The building regulation drawings will be checked by your local authority’s Building Control department or a private certified qualified building inspector to verify that they conform with current UK Building Regulations. Following the approval of the plans, a council or private building control officer will visit the construction site many times during the construction process to check that the work is completed to a satisfactory quality.

If you want to create an elegant building drawing, you may need the assistance of a competent and experienced professional. In addition, we have a strong team that is adept at performing all tasks pertinent to the building regulations and drawings, under the supervision of a solid leader.